Wardrobe Doors

Space:Maker SOFTLINE

Sliding Wardrobe Doors
Sliding wardrobe doors are the perfect solution to any storage space. Taranto Windows & Glass offer a range of Wardrobe Doors including Mirrored, Vinyl and Opaque Glass doors. We are experts at the design, manufacture and installation of all wardrobe systems specifically to suit your storage spaces.


  • Round modern appearance
  • Large 41mm diameter rollers and brackets for quiet operation and ease of adjustment
  • Anti-jump device prevents door panels from jumping off the track
  • Matching infill buffers on grip stile
  • Continuous finger grip on all panels
  • Foot-friendly, easy-to-clean track
  • Ten year guarantee
  • Recipient of the coveted Australian Design Award
  • Available in a range of stylish colours to suit your decor

Modern Contoured Cushioning

Matching infill buffer with grip strip eliminates metal to metal contact and gives Space:Maker SOFTLINE a smooth modern contourn.

Smooth Roller Gliding

Large 41mm diameter round-tyred rollers, combined with strong metal adjustment bracket, ensure quiet operation and more roller adjustment than is ever likely to be needed. Open design and construction enables easy cleaning.


Space: Maker SOFTLINE has a foot-friendly (unobtrusive, low-profile design), easy-to-clean track. Roller side-play is virtually eliminated, producing a smoother sliding operation.

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